I’m delighted to welcome you to my new website!

My Number One message for you is:

In fact, change can be easy.

When change is difficult, a step is missing. I hope to help you fill in the missing steps!

These pages will be useful for you if you:

  • know the Enneagram and want practical ways of applying that knowledge;
  • have ever experienced frustration, anxiety, fear or doubt getting in your way;
  • feel competent at work but challenged by relationships at home;
  • are more confident at home than you are at work;
  • think happiness is shallow or inefficient;
  • are not enjoying your life as much as you want to;
  • miss the support you need in your relationships;
  • find change difficult;
  • don’t get the results you want when you’re angry;
  • are interested in increasing emotional intelligence;
  • are interested in brain science and the relationship it has to EQ;
  • know there’s something missing in your life.

If you said “Yes” to any of those, let me help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. These are all issues I’ve been helping clients with for years. I believe the solutions to these challenges can be found by listening to our body’s wisdom. I can show you how.

One this website, you will find tips, exercises and information that help quickly help you create the change you want. This combines 2 protocals that I’ve developed over the years:
— EnneaMotion which uses movement to explore and embody the gifts of each of the Enneagram types, and
— Somatic Focusing which is a really quick way to transform emotions you don’t like to emotions you do like.

Both systems are based on the same principles of listening to the body’s wisdom and creating new neural pathways that address the answer to the question:

How do you want to “show up” or “be” in your life?

The challenge is that our old programming makes change difficult. This work breaks through that and helps us sustain lasting change.

Why do I do this work?

I do this because I didn’t used to value ease, happiness or joy. And now I do. One of my challenges was that I didn’t trust it or believe it could be sustained. I’m not alone in that opinion. What I’ve learned through my own experience and that of my students and clients is that this work can teach us how to sustain a high and consistent level of ease, happiness and joy. And, these are crucial factors in success.

Personally. Professionally.

Any time. Any place.

If having more confidence, inner peace, ways of dealing with challenging people and situations, and having more joy are of interest to you, please contact me!

As a thank you for your interest and joining the growing community of others interested in this work, you will receive a free gift mentioned at the bottom. In it, you’ll learn some easy-to-use techniques you can apply right away so you can have lasting change in your life.

I’m excited to be on this journey with you!

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