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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Mentor

for Conscious Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

If you or your team have lost your peak performance, powerful impact and productivity, let Andrea inspire you back on course.

  • Find and listen to your intuition for ease with touch decisions
  • Increase your focus and concentration and get more done
  • Connect with and motivate your team and inspire productivity

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Andrea Isaacs is passionately committed to helping conscious business leaders with an important message for the world.

Leaders are often overwhelmed with an abundance of ideas so their team can’t keep up, are burdened “going it alone” because they’re unable to ask for help, and are so busy they’re missing out on time for their personal relationships.

Andrea will guide leaders to focus, honor their needs and ask for help, and open their hearts to nourishing relationships. They learn the most effective ways to express anger and frustration and invite communication.

Rave reviews say she makes life-changing points by combining sensitivity, heartfulness and good humor with warmth and elegance. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll leave transformed with a new, more powerful way to live and to lead.

This engaging talk will showcase 3 vital aspects that will help you take your best next steps with an ease that will delight you.

Dreams, Goals and Emotional Intelligence

Your best next steps with ease, peace, and joy

Are you so busy building your business that your personal life is flat-lining? Are you tired of your business not making the impact you’ve dreamt of because you’re juggling so much?

In this entertaining and transformational talk packed with memorable stories from the trenches, you will learn how to listen to your intuition, hold your ground and make big decisions quickly.

You’ll learn how to shift the abundance of grand ideas to focused priorities so your team can keep up with you. You’ll learn the value of connecting with your team, customers and clients so you can accomplish more together.

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