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Speaker, Trainer, Master Coach

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Andrea’s unique techniques will support you in doing, having and being that! You’ll learn how to shift the energy in your body. Energy is not just an idea, and it is more than just a felt experience. The energy in your body determines how you think, feel, and respond to life.

If you don’t like what’s happening or how you’re reacting, change the energy in your body.  With this method, you’ll learn how.

Change CAN be EASY


I'm Andrea Isaacs

Have you or your team…

– experienced anger, blame or criticism?
– been frustrated, anxious, afraid or doubt your success?
– feel competent at work but challenged by relationships at home?
– know that you need in support in your relationships?
– don’t get the results you want?
– know there’s something missing in your life?

. . . then this is for you.

Let me help you bridge the gap from where you are NOW to where you WANT TO BE. 

This can begin as a simple conversation.



One-on-One Coaching

Private calls just focused on you.  With Andrea’s guidance, you’ll know how to apply her coaching methods in a custom-designed way so that it’s what you need to support you in your best next steps.

Workshops & Group Coaching

You will have the opportunity to witness and be witnessed in Andrea’s coaching methods.  Opportunities for questions and “hot seat” coaching are available to work with Andrea on your specific challenges.

Certification Programs

There are several levels of certification programs available to those who would like to be trained and certified to teach and coach using Andrea’s proven system.



I Know My Type. Now What?

I know my type. Now what? Yes, I used to hear that a lot. In the early days of the Enneagram Monthly, we were sort of the hub of all news Enneagram. We embraced all the schools of thought as well as independent thinkers, poetry, book and movie reviews, new theories, research and more. People

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Welcome to Andrea Isaacs' Blog

Welcome to!

I’m delighted to welcome you to my new website! My Number One message for you is: CHANGE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT. In fact, change can be easy. When change is difficult, a step is missing. I hope to help you fill in the missing steps! These pages will be useful for you if

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Frogs, Neural pathways, and EnneaMotion

Frogs, Neural Pathways and EnneaMotion

This article is an excerpt from the July/August 1998 issue of the Enneagram Monthly. I’ll never forget it. Even though I was “just” a dance major, I had to take pre-med physiology and anatomy. Because my university had a good medical school, we were “fortunate” enough to have cadavers to work with in our anatomy

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