January 22

EQ Quiz Q&A Call : By Invitation Have you taken the EQ Quiz?  Check your inbox for an invitation to this Q&A CAll with Andrea.
July 25-28
International Enneagram Association Annual Conference Oakland, California In Every Cell of Your Body: Somatic Work and the Enneagram Keynote Speech with Andrea Isaacs, creator of EQ with Body Wisdom, EnneaMotion, Somatic Focusing and the EQ Quiz Thurs., July 25 The Life Transforming Body Wisdom Tools of InterPlay Pre-conference workshop with Cynthia Winton-Henry, the co-creator of InterPlay Thurs., July 25 Flex Your Enneagram Muscles: EQ with Body Wisdom and Neuroscience Conference workshop with Andrea Isaacs

And immediately after the conference:

July 29-31

Emotional Mastery with the Embodied Enneagram
2-day live event: Experience the Enneagram
Embody more of the gifts and disarm the challenges of each of the types
Monday and Tues., July 29 & 30
Oakland CA

For leaders, entrepreneurs and business leaders making an impact
For coaches and therapists ready to expedite their clients’ growth
For your emotional health and well-being

  • EnneaMotion — explore the Enneagram and embody the gifts of each type; step into the shadow of each so you can learn how to step out of your own when it arises. Increase your emotional range, flexibility and emotional intelligence.
  • Somatic Focusing — emotional alchemy. Shift emotions you don’t like to empowering emotions you do
  • The EQ Quiz and how all of your scores impact each other and impact YOU
  • Neuroscience woven throughout
  • Increasing your EQ will give you ease and lightness while dealing with challenging people and situations, more happiness and greater success



  • The EQ Quiz Assessor Training
  • Another “Whammies Webinar!”
  • Mindset Reset (The Virtual Program)
  • The EQX-LIVE:  The Emotional Intelligence Experience