Certification Tracks

Emotional Mastery Certification

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There are three certification tracks. You receive the “EQ with Body Wisdom Master Trainer” certification upon completion of all three.

The EQ Quiz Assessment Certification
— Level One: Deliver the EQ Quiz Assessment
— Level Two: Apprentice
— Level Three: Training others to deliver the assessment

Somatic Focusing Certification
— Level One: Coaching with Somatic Focusing
— Level Two: Apprentice
— Level Three: Teaching others to coach with Somatic Focusing

EnneaMotion Certification
— Level One: Teaching EnneaMotion
— Level Two: Apprentice
— Level Three: Training others to teach EnneaMotion

With all three certifications, you are eligible to be an Emotional Mastery Master Trainer. Those who achieve this status are eligible to join our team as we go out into the world, working with senior leaders in worldwide organizations dedicated to making the world a better place.

The EQ Quiz Assessment Certification

This work requires Enneagram knowledge and a high degree of intuition, compassion and tact. You’ll learn the  many interpretation principles, the interconnections between the scores, and the meaning and impact of:
• a whammy
• a double-whammy
• a triple whammy
• a quadruple whammy, and more
• a funnel tunnel
• the First Domino
• the Super Power, and more.

Pre-requisites include:
• Prior knowledge of the Enneagram
• Participation in at least one EnneaMotion program
• Experience with Somatic Focusing

After this training, you will be able to offer your clients —
• support for their “Super Power”
• awareness of their blind spots and challenges
• insight about how all the scores are connected
• steps to shift their challenges to ease
• relief and hope that what had seemed difficult to change can be easy
• guidance for their best next steps

Contact us for more information on pre-requisites, the application procedure and dates.

Somatic Focusing Certification

(two 3-day live events)

Somatic Focusing is a powerful coaching tool that fast-tracks emotional change. “Talk therapy” keeps the old story alive and strengthens the old neural pathways that support that old story.

Somatic Focusing draws from the body’s wisdom and the soul’s desire for wholeness and connection. This is a form of alchemy. Instead of transforming lead into gold, we transform disturbing and limiting beliefs and emotions we don’t like and want less of, into harmonious and empowering beliefs which we like and want more of.

We will demystify the Somatic Focusing process and break it down, step by step. You will witness several processes and de-brief them. You will have numerous opportunities to coach, be coached and to witness processes.

Eventually, this will become second nature so you can shift your emotional reactivity on a dime, and guide your clients to do the same thing.

After this training, you will be able to offer your clients —
• a way to fast-track emotional change
• tips for making change easy
• how to stay in the dialogue with ease when buttons are getting pushed
• how to have thriving relationships
• how to lift their glass ceiling
• and ease and joy on their way to great success

EnneaMotion Certification

This is for you if you want to teach —
• an embodied approach to learning the Enneagram,
• how to increase emotional range and flexibility,
• your students or clients how to increase emotional intelligence.

EnneaMotion is more than just an experiential way to learn the Enneagram. It is a transformational tool.

This program is a deep dive into the gifts and challenges of all the Enneagram types. We all have parts of all nine types in us. This is a way to actually embody the gifts of all aspects of humanity.

You and your students will:
– become more masterful in choosing your emotions
– navigate anger and other challenging emotions well
– shift your relationships and your profession from good to great
– learn how to teach EnneaMotion and how to use Somatic Focusing as a transformation tool with your clients
– have lots of opportunities for deep personal work
– learn about the Reality Creation Cycle, Will, and the Magic Quarter Second
– know how to re-train and re-pattern your subconscious to support lasting change
– learn how to master your emotions so they don’t master you

This is an opportunity for your own inner work, a pre-requisite for bringing it to others. If you don’t use it yourself, why would you teach it?!

We will go as in-depth as you want with your situation and challenges.

You will learn how to design your programs for emotional mastery including one and two hour programs, half day, day long, weekend and week-long programs.

This includes:
• two week-long live events
• participation in a practice group
• supervision
• a year-long virtual program which meets monthly
• practicum

Take your approach to the next level!