Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Body Wisdom Programs

All “EQ with Body Wisdom” programs are designed with the intention of embodying resilience and increasing your emotional range and flexibility. These are the building blocks of increasing emotional intelligence, the hallmark of thriving relationships, inspired leadership and a life worth living.

These programs are backed up by neuroscience research. Check out our collaboration in the brain lab which validate that this work brings wholeness and inner peace to the brain, and of course, to you and your life.

You can participate in a variety of levels in three areas of certification, and eventually become an Emotional Mastery Master Trainer.

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THE EQ QUIZ and the customized

Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Session

The entry point to all of our programs is to take the EQ Quiz ( The most important and valuable part for you is to have the follow-up assessment called “The Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Session.” You’ll get information about that after taking the quiz.


This is an essential building block of team-building as it gives everybody the same tools for their personal development, including how to bring up difficult issues, replace accusation, blame and criticism to curiosity, trust and motivation towards a shared goal.




This program introduces you to the nine Enneagram types. You will:

  • experience what each type is “known for” and what each type “most needs” for their personal development
  •  step into the gifts and challenges of each type to expand your emotional range and to deepen your compassion for yourself and others
  • learn how to lead and inspire people who are different than you
  • shift emotional reactivity to curiosity
  • diminish anger, blame and resistance in yourself and others
  • embody the gifts of each type
  • deepen your insight into why you and others are the way they are
  • know how to have easier, more fulfilling relationships
  • have a new ease with challenging people and situations
  • develop new ways to manage anger, and
  • experience that you have a choice in your emotional reactions

This program includes:

  • EnneaMotion
  • Somatic Focusing
  • Shadow Work


  • you will enjoy more honest and more fulfilling relationships,
  • your teams will communicate well,
  • each individual on your team will feel seen, heard and understood,
  • they’ll be inspired and motivated to achieve a shared vision, and
  • you’ll all have more happiness on your way to success.


There are three certification tracks. You receive the “EQ with Body Wisdom Master Trainer” certification upon completion of all three.

The EQ Quiz Assessment Certification
— Level One: Deliver the EQ Quiz Assessment
— Level Two: Apprentice
— Level Three: Training others to deliver the assessment

Somatic Focusing Certification
— Level One: Coaching with Somatic Focusing
— Level Two: Apprentice
— Level Three: Teaching others to coach with Somatic Focusing

EnneaMotion Certification
— Level One: Teaching EnneaMotion
— Level Two: Apprentice
— Level Three: Training others to teach EnneaMotion

With all three certifications, you are eligible to be an Emotional Mastery Master Trainer. Those who achieve this status are eligible to join our team as we go out into the world, working with senior leaders in worldwide organizations dedicated to making the world a better place. 

Take your approach to the next level!