The entry point to all of our programs is to take the EQ Quiz (

This quiz is based on the Enneagram personality system. You will learn —

  • how much or how little you
  • have the gifts in all areas of the Enneagram
  • how much or how little you have the challenges in all areas of the Enneagram
  • how the scores are all connected and impact each other
  • and of course, what your type likely is.

There are combinations of scores that help and support you, that help you reach your goals, have the relationships you want, that move you towards your success. These combinations point to your Super Power.

Other scores and combinations point to something like a “knock-out punch” which is what makes it seem like change is difficult. This creates what we have affectionately come to call the “whammies,” and get in the way of achieving your goals, having the relationships, the success and the life you want.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

After receiving your quiz results we will be inviting you to watch the “Whammies Webinar”, where we will discuss those areas of your chart that may be delivering you that “knock-out punch”. You’ll get information about that, and much more after taking the quiz.

Use the EQ with Body Wisdom system, and you’ll learn that change CAN be easy!

Take the quiz and find your next Super Power, and what to do about any whammies so they stop getting in your way!


The Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Session

Watch for your link to schedule after taking the quiz!

What individuals have said about their Breakthrough Sessions:

Since talking with Andrea, I’ve been feeling expansive, free in a new way . . . strong and quietly joyful . . .
—Karin Carrington

Talking with Andrea inspired inner reflection, gave me greater understanding about myself and clarified my focus and direction.
— Christopher Evatt

Andrea has an inner wish to lift up and support people to be more of what they can be — a larger version, a very beautiful version of themselves.
— Carita Evatt

I am inspired and excited about the “versatility of me” and feeling very creative about moving my business forward.
— Elizabeth Smith

This was very instructive. I learned that building trust gives my team the direction we need, and now I have the inspiration and confidence to pursue this.
— Julie Fraser

This has had a huge benefit to our company. Being seen like this inspired our employees to grow as humans, to be more productive and more empathetic teammates. People feel more taken care of and management has a better sense of who their team is. This has inspired us to more creativity and greater success.

I learned how important it is to my team that I express my opinions.
— Amy Coulis

Because of working with Andrea, I am more grounded physically, less inhibited and my bitch of an inner critic is noticeably quieter. This is a fantastic foundation for everything in life. Her work is calming, brought me inner peace and made me “present.” Her in-house program brought laughter and trust into the room and created an embracing environment.
— Gail Cummins, Editor

I have much more compassion for myself and for humanity. I learned there is another way to manage the thoughts in my head.
— Anne Lenihan
Phamaceutical Regulation

The EQ Quiz and Organizations

I’m amazed at how Andrea can so accurately describe so many people in their strengths and challenges. We are much more cohesive now because our teams are much more cohesive. Deep gratitude.

I’ve become more aware of the inner critic in me, and my own “energy of urgency.” I see it now as a precursor to burnout, overwhelm and how counter-productive it is, and that the goal gets lost in the reaction to the urgency.

The data we learned from Andrea became a baseline when our board president (who often appears angry at meetings) asked for feedback about how she handled the last meeting. The comments were constructive, specific, well-stated, well-received and caused her to reflect more deeply.

Because of Andrea’s work, each person is stronger and taking more action. There is greater clarity and more solidity. There is a resolve to stand firm in what’s important. Rather than saying a big project is “too hard”, there is a rising to fulfill one’s self and we’re hearing, “I could make this work.” The image that comes to mind is: a sleeping giant is awakening!

The idea of trust has become an open conversation: trusting one’s own judgment, whether or not one is perceived as “trustworthy,” and supporting each other as we learn how to trust ourselves and each other more deeply. This has been tender, powerful and empowering; a watershed moment.

Increasing honesty and “let’s get real” energy has remained high, even when we’re not face-to-face. This is a remarkable achievement.

There is a sense of empowerment, ease and genuine togetherness among the staff. They seem to be “humming” as a group.

It’s time for more lightness in our interactions, humor and fun. We learned about wholeness. That’s ROCKET FUEL, really, for an amazing projectory.
— Andrew Horwood, MD
Director of Riverdell Conference and Retreat Centre
Gawler, S Australia