Emotional Intelligence and the Embodied Enneagram

This program introduces you to the nine Enneagram types. You will:
– experience what each type is “known for” and what each type “most needs” for their personal development
– step into the gifts and challenges of each type to expand your emotional range and to deepen your compassion for yourself and others
– embody the gifts of each type
– deepen your insight into why you and others are the way they are
– know how to have easier, more fulfilling relationships
– have a new ease with challenging people and situations
– develop new ways to manage anger, and
– experience that you have a choice in your emotional reactions

This program includes:
• EnneaMotion
• Somatic Focusing
• Shadow Work

EnneaMotion uses simple movement exercises to step in the shoes of each Enneagram type. You will learn how to embody the gifts of each type. This literally expands your comfort range and flexibility. We also step into the dark shadow of each type which gives you the experience of flexibility and being in charge of your emotions so they’re not in charge of you. Experiencing this flexibility helps you realize you have a choice in how you respond when challenged. The live event goes in-depth with all nine Enneagram types.

Somatic Focusing is a form of emotional alchemy. It transforms limiting or disturbing emotions that you don’t like and want less of, to empowering and harmonious emotions that you do like and want more of.

Shadow Work® is a way of managing and transforming parts of your character that you’d like to change with compassion and understanding, and offers an effective technology for balancing these diverse parts. We provide a setting that allows you to explore and evolve safely, with choice and without pressure or consequences.

Though this work was initially based on the Enneagram, it is about more than the Enneagram. It is the doorway into learning and experiencing that we all have the flexibility to change our emotional reactivity.

The brain has neuroplasticity, which means we don’t have to always be who we always were. Change IS possible, and change CAN be easy! We just need to know how to re-pattern the brain.

This approach gives you a simple, yet profound and easy-to-use tool that supports you in making the change you want so you can have the fulfilling relationships at home and at work that you want, that you can live the life you want.

There is evidence that have this experience gives you the power of “bone-deep” learning that sticks.

We forget —
90% of what we READ
80% of what we HEAR
70% of what we SEE
50% of what we SEE and HEAR
30% of what we DISCUSS with OTHERS
20% of what we EXPERIENCE

That means, of course, that we remember —
10% of what we READ
20% of what we HEAR
30% of what we SEE
50% of what we SEE and HEAR
70% of what we DISCUSS with OTHERS
80% of what we EXPERIENCE

Experience is the key!

Join us and EXPERIENCE each type in depth, and embody the gifts of each. Join us and learn how Somatic Focusing and Shadow Work can help you shift emotional reactivity “on a dime” so you can respond to challenges in a way that consistently reflects your best and highest self.

• you will enjoy more honest and more fulfilling relationships,
• your teams will communicate well,
• each individual on your team will feel seen, heard and understood,
• they’ll be inspired and motivated to achieve a shared vision, and
• you’ll all have more happiness on your way to success.


Andrea’s work is brilliant. She tailored simple exercises to increase compassion. It became a great tool for letting go of my reactivity and embodying my best qualities and behaviors. Plus, it’s been tremendous fun. Her programs are great for building strong teams or a sense of community. Together we laughed, cried, learned, loved and changed. By the end, we were all connected with a great sense of immediacy and aligned in our intentions and actions. I came to acceptance, peaceful appreciation and great joy at realizing the glorious higher aspects of myself and others. I enthusiastically, heartily, adamantly recommend her training for anyone who wants to know who they truly are.
— Marilyn J. Sherbring, J.D.