A Taste of Type


This is an essential building block of team-building as it gives everybody the same tools for their personal development, bringing up difficult issues, replacing accusation, blame and criticism to curiosity, trust and motivation towards a shared goal.

The Virtual Program is a unique course based on neuroscience, mind and body wisdom, emotional intelligence and the Enneagram (“ennea” means nine in Greek). The Enneagram is a symbol with nine points, each one representing a personality type. Each type has a unique gift that comes easily to them, and a particular expression of their own dark shadow.

Using the embodiment principles of emotional intelligence, you will learn how to embody the gifts of all different personality styles. Though initially based on the Enneagram, this is more than the Enneagram. It is a doorway into re-patterning your subconscious and
replacing old self-limiting patterns with new supportive patterns that empower you to live the life you want.

After this program, you will be able to —
• understand yourself and others better
• put the topic of trust on the table
• step into leadership in a bigger way
• re-wire your brain for more flexibility and ability to overcome challenges

It’s practical, easy to use and life-changing.
You’ll be a more compassionate person. More resilient. An inspired and inspiring leader.
A happier and more fulfilled person.

This is offered in a variety of formats including:
• a 90-minute or 2-hour virtual program
• a half day live event, or
• an 11-week virtual program (one introductory program, 9 sessions / one for each Enneagram type, and a closing integration session)

The virtual program is a great way to begin, introduces you to embodiment principles, and guides you in how to “custom-design” a method that works best for your needs. It is recommended you follow-up with one of our live events for deepest learning and easiest transformation.

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