The Threshold

Cross the threshold and take your next step with ease

I know you’ve experienced it.

That moment when you wanted to do something . . . and you procrastinated.

Maybe it was something you haven’t done before. Maybe you’re ready to take your business to the next level, start or end a personal or professional relationship, step into a new, bigger version of you . . .

Or . . .

Have you ever wanted to say something but you didn’t know how, or if you’d later regret?

Did you say it?
How’d it go?
Did it serve your best and highest version of yourself?
Or did you hold it in, and regret it?
Or you really really really wanted to say it, but were reluctant, and didn’t.

If you’ve been procrastinating for countless and even good reasons, you aren’t taking that step across the threshold to what’s next for you. Instead, you avoid, wait, make yourself too busy, and anything and everything happens to get in the way.

If you’ve experienced difficulty in taking the step across the threshold into your next, bigger and maybe even better version of you, you’re not alone!

There’s a good reason that happens! That step seems difficult or elusive because by definition, it’s outside your comfort zone.

Imagine embodying whatever it takes to do or “be” that which you’re wanting.

When you embody it, you have the neural pathway for it.

Neural pathways are the message highways connecting your brain to your body, which determine how you think, feel and respond to life. You have a neural pathway for every thought, feeling or action you’ve ever had or done. Those you use most often become patterns or habits. If you want to cross the threshold, you want a new pattern or habit. That means you need to create a new neural pathway.

What neural pathways do you need for the next version of you?

You can create the neural pathway for the next way of being or doing that supports you, helps you, makes it easy to step into that next, bigger and better version of you.

Ready for a change?

Create the neural pathways that’ll get you where you want to go! Then you can cross the threshold and take that next step with ease.

Please write a comment or question below if you want to know more about creating new neural pathways!

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