Getting Ready to Get Ready

Have you ever found yourself “getting ready to get ready?” And then you realized how much time had gone by and you were still getting ready?

In other words, you got stuck!

If you’re ready for a “next step,” perhaps doing or being different in some way, if you haven’t done it yet, there’s a simple explanation.

Maybe it’s saying “No.” Maybe it’s a big leap. Or you’re in transition.

Blue NeuralYou have a neural pathway for every thought, feeling or action you’ve ever taken. If your inner voice says you can’t, if you procrastinate it, avoid it, long for it and yet you still linger at the edge, chances are you don’t have a neural pathway for it — yet!

Let “yet” give you hope! Because you CAN create a neural pathway for anything!

For me, I had a big “aha” after dissecting frogs in a pre-med biology class decades ago. I won’t tell you what we did to those poor frogs, but a point was made. Information travels along neural pathways in both directions — from the inside out, and from the outside in.

Inside Out

You have a thought. It creates a neural pathway.
You have that same thought again. That neural pathway gets stronger.
You think that thought often. That neural pathway gets even stronger.

Same thing happens with your feelings. It happens with your behaviors and how you respond to life. Your life is an accumulation of your habits!

Outside In

We can create neural pathways for behaviors and activities.

I was in Telluride recently, and there was still snow in the mountains. Going up the gondola, I remembered the first time I went skiing. I did not have a neural pathway for it, and it didn’t go very well! If I had gone more often, as perhaps you’ve done, that neural pathway would have been trained and strengthened. I would have become a better skier!

We can create neural pathways from the “outside in” for our thoughts and feelings, too — by “moving in the way of!”

This became apparent to me after creating EnneaMotion, my system for embodying the energies of the different Enneagram types.

As a young and painfully shy person, I used to think I was a victim of my emotions and that I was doomed to forever be shy. EnneaMotion taught me that I could expand my emotional range, hold my ground and speak up for myself.

Creating the neural pathway for confidence changed my life.

What’s next for you?

What new neural pathway could support you in taking that step?


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