Emotional Mastery QuickStart

with Andrea Isaacs

Emotional mastery will help you shift emotional reactivity
“on a dime” so you can respond to challenges in a way that consistently reflects your best and highest self.

Join me and experience all nine Enneagram types,
and learn to embody the gifts of each.

And then the Enneagram becomes a doorway to
YOUR Emotional Mastery!

Are you ready for the “next step” but things keep stopping you from moving forward?

“It’s like I’m standing in my own way.” If you’re ready to stop playing small, ready to step into the next, bigger, bolder version of yourself, and make the impact you’re here to make… Then NOW is the time to stand in the power of your value.

Are you distracted and unfocused, not able to accomplish the important things in life?

Align your thoughts, feelings and actions for a “full body” YES, for empowered decisions that fully motivate actions towards your goals.

Are there so many demands on you that you’re neglecting self care and are afraid for your own well-being?

Learn how to set healthy boundaries, say “no” respectfully, and thrive even in the midst of chaos.

Do challenging people and situations “push your buttons”? It’s time to shift your reactivity…

When we expand our emotional capacity, we have more choices in how we respond to challenging situations, allowing us to better understand and resolve conflict before it happens.

Do you think that life is a struggle and change is hard?

It only takes One Thing to change everything.

Discover how to break old patterns of behavior that have led you to recreate the same challenges over and over again.

Emotional Mastery is about imprinting new and supportive beliefs so you can create healthy patterns that empower you.

Most people think change is difficult. It’s because the old patterns are so strong, and you don’t “yet” have a neural pathway for an alternative.

You learn how to create the neural pathway for an alternative response. Your brain has neuroplasticity and is always willing and able to change for you — if you know how!

What You Receive In


Cultivating resilience is more important now than ever.

This program introduces you to expanding your emotional options and flexibility so that you can bounce back with resilience in challenging times.

This gives you more choice when you’re stuck, feeling unstable, or wanting to take a stand and speak up for your concerns.

It starts with embodying the Enneagram — in particular, embodying more of the gifts and less of the challenges of each type.

Each Enneagram type also has potential “Whammies” — challenges that could have been with you for a lifetime that continue to get in your way. You’ll be introduced to what the “Whammies” are and also what to do about them so they don’t have to bog you down anymore.

You’ll be using mantras (phrases) to anchor new feelings in your body and in your brain.

The videos in this course will guide you in creating new neural pathways, so that you can embody a new range of emotions.

The more you follow along — that means stand up and say the mantras and do the embodiment practice WITH ME — the more likely you will create, train and strengthen new neural pathways.

After learning these simple, easy-to-use steps, the Enneagram becomes a doorway to your Emotional Mastery and your key to greater resilience.

Foundation 1
Navigating the quick pace of change

This program teaches you a series of embodiment practices that support you in navigating the quick pace of change in challenging times. This is about re-patterning limiting beliefs and learning how to imprint new more empowering beliefs so you can make important decisions with more ease, live and be your fullest and best self at all times.

In this module you will learn:

➣ How to step outside your comfort zone with more ease, helping you navigate change…
➣ How to create new neural pathways for new ways of thinking, feeling and responding, giving you more alternatives…
➣ Anchor new ways of being in your body and your brain with mantras (power phrases) and mudras (power poses)…
➣ The EQ Quiz (have you taken yours yet?)…
➣ Your Emotional Mastery Blueprint is like an MRI of your personality, illustrating your comfort zone…

This is about having more choices and better choices. This makes it easier to navigate challenging times.

New options are available, not just “in the palm of your hands,” in your whole body, and in your brain.

THIS is what makes change easy!

Foundation 2
Your body is talking to you. Are you listening?

What’s your body telling you? Learn the language of your body.

When you recognize sensations in your body (your somatic experience), you are getting a clue about how you feel. When you don’t like how you’re feeling, you can change your somatic experience, which will change how you think, feel and respond.

This covers the basic language of your body and HOW to change your somatic experience.

Learn the language of your body so you can hear what it’s trying to tell you. Your body is talking to you. Are you listening?

Enneagram Type 8
The Leader

The gift we can all use from the Eight is taking a stand for who we are, and to listen to and honor our gut knowing.

This will help you to make decisions more easily, with confidence, and to speak up for yourself because you CAN take a stand for who you are, for expressing yourself and your opinions.

What if, the next time you get angry, before speaking, you use what you learn in this module?

This is not the natural “gift” of Enneagram type Eight, but it is what the Eight in all of us most needs!

What if you could shift anger to curiosity, warmth, caring gentleness? And what if you could let go of controlling a situation?

Enneagram Type 9
The Peacemaker

This is something we ALL need to cultivate, no matter how much we already have! The type Nine’s gift of calm, inner peace is crucial. It means stress becomes not just tolerable, but it’s easier to let go of having to carry it all day long. It means getting along with others more easily. And, it means understanding all different points of view. Don’t let your desire to “get along” and have peace with others cause you to invalidate your own needs, to hold back expressing your opinions or where you stand. When you do that again and again, you start to feel that you don’t matter. AND, you may start to feel like others are treating you like a doormat. Don’t do that!

Enneagram Type 1
The Perfectionist

The gift here is to integrate all parts of you, so that your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned. I call this “internal integrity.” When done well, it’s done with grace and poise. Criticizing — yourself or others — doesn’t really go well. It’s different and more painful than constructive feedback, which has kindness in it! Criticism zaps your motivation because you may feel doomed to fail, and when done to others, can push them away. And we most often do this with those we most need in our lives.

Enneagram Type 2
The Nurturer

The gift here is how easily type Twos reach out and connect to others, and being of service to them, even without being asked. This is a great tool for resilience in challenging times because it more deeply connects you with others. If you tend to isolate, this will help you feel more connected. The pattern of giving, helping, giving, helping, etc., often overrides the ability to even know what YOU want. That tumbles into a downward cycle that doesn’t really serve you: you don’t even know what you want or need, don’t know how to ask for it, and you don’t stop and really let yourself receive help and support. Don’t you think this would be useful in building resilience? Also, you don’t have to be “of service” all the time just to prove that you’re worthy.

Enneagram Type 3
The Achiever

The gift here is that Threes have no doubt they deserve their dreams! Strange as it may sound, many people don’t believe they do! When every day is a “new normal,” challenging in previously unimagined ways, we NEED to keep our dreams alive. And find a way, albeit a different way, to make sure they come alive. Threes can get so focused on moving towards their goals and being seen and acknowledged for all of their achievements, that they (temporarily!) get stuck carrying the image of success. They may also neglect others, afraid there isn’t enough time and they won’t achieve their goals.

Enneagram Type 4
The Individualist

The gifts of type Four include creativity, out-of-the-box problem solving, and unlimited emotions, embracing the joys and the sorrows. With this pandemic, we’re all needing creative problem solving! AND, with SOOOO many emotions just under the surface, we must have someone to talk to about our feelings. The Four’s gift of empathy and understanding can open the door to these conversations. The challenge here, like all of them, is too much of a good thing! When emotions and one’s inner life are so interesting and important, Fours can get stuck here, and the darker emotions tend to stick like velcro. And then they get attached to their story, and tell it over and over again, from a different perspective, of course, in the hope of being understood. Unfortunately, this keeps the story alive.

Enneagram Type 5
The Observer

Type Five models the resilience tool of being able to focus.

Stress is distracting. We may intend to do one thing, and get pulled to another, sometimes for good reason, but then not getting back to whatever it was we had wanted to focus on.

The benefit of focus is not only getting stuff done. It’s more fully understanding whatever it is you want to understand.

This pandemic is giving us a multitude of things to understand. AND, sharing wisdom is an expression of the Five’s care and concern.

We can build more resistance if we don’t “over-do” it!

Fives can get lost in focusing for hours, forgetting to take care of basic personal needs. Also, they often feel safer in their head, figuring things out, and then they don’t engage with others or the world.

Enneagram Type 6
The Loyalist

This type values trust above all else, so their word is gold and they engender trust from others.

This is appreciated and reciprocated, and creates resilience because of how supportive these relationships become.

When something happens (recently or a long time ago) that broke trust, it simply makes it hard to trust.

It becomes hard to trust anybody, including yourself and including trusting life or trusting that you’re safe in the world.

Trust is gone.

Enneagram Type 7
The Enthusiast

The joy that Sevens innately feel and emanate is a crucial component of resilience. Yet so many put a “lid” on how much joy they let themselves feel. No matter what’s going on in the outside world, we do have a choice in how we feel. Part of their joy comes from allowing themselves to be spontaneous, optimistic, and playful. Sevens can get consumed with accumulating a list of activities, things to DO, to prove to themselves that they’re happy and life is good. It can become an insatiable appetite.

Recap and Finalé

This final module recaps everything, including:

➣ The Foundation
➣ Why and how understanding and embodying ALL of the types is useful in building your resilience
➣ And suggestions for how to practice

You will also receive crucial tips you can apply that will assure this will work for you!

May your resilience be ever-increasing and give you more peace of mind and happiness, even in challenging times.

INCLUDES – Online Course Portal with on-demand access to video lessons

Dive deep into the material with BONUS content designed to enhance your understanding of the material.

Meet Andrea Isaacs

Andrea Isaacs HeadshotAndrea Isaacs, founder of the Isaacs Method for Emotional Mastery, is an emotional mastery mentor, coach and trainer who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world when they’re stuck and ready for what’s next and can’t do it on their own.

Since 1994, she’s been bridging the worlds of the Enneagram, body wisdom and neuroscience in an easy-to-use system that increases emotional intelligence. With her unique approach, the Enneagram becomes a doorway to your emotional mastery.

Emotional Mastery is no longer an option—because if you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life, you must be the master of your emotions. Or your “Whammies” will be in the driver’s seat and will be the master of you!

Her system has tools that are easy, deep and provide lasting change. Her most important message to you is that change CAN be easy — when you know how!


Before working with Andrea, I wasn’t owning my competence and didn’t know how to take leadership in a global role.

Now, I OWN IT — I own that I AM gifted and talented, and I am owning that I AM a global leader.

— Debbie Van den Eynden

Literally moving in the manner of each of the types in Andrea’s program has had a huge impact on healing issues with both my parents. In doing the exercise for my mother’s type, I remembered being repulsed by her smothering tendencies. And I felt a deep fear of madness when doing my father’s type. At first, I feared I wouldn’t be able to return to clarity. With Andrea’s skillful guidance, not only did I return — a large chunk of it released. The fear is gone and I thank you for it! — Colin Webber

Andrea’s program gave me a deeper understanding of and the reasons behind the behaviors of the significant people in my life.

Now, instead of struggling to understand, I understand and accept. And, I am now giving myself a moment to step back before reacting to another.

And I find myself less judgmental (of myself and of them!), thus reducing my suffering!

This opened a whole new dimension of understanding.


I’ve been unclear about my process to succeed professionally and though I have developed many skills, acquired much wisdom and achieved many goals, success has alluded me.

The criticism of my inner voice had been a struggle and I would get annoyed at the way things were. I’ve written three books, have delivered a TedTalk, and wasn’t getting the benefit others got from the same successes.

It’s like I was standing in my own way.

I want to use my gifts to make a difference in the world and be rewarded for my efforts.

Now, I am no longer cratered by my limitations. I am celebrating every single thing that I do.

I’m in awe with how Andrea customizes mantras and mudras for me. When I get these in my body and have the words for what works for me, life changes. Instead of that crabby thing that grabs me and pulls me off center, I stay solid, connected to ME, my own life, my message and my mission.

This is what I came here for. Thank you, Andrea, for reminding me and getting me back on my path.

— Sheila K. Collins

I am much more in touch with my fear and how it has manifested in my life, even though I consider myself a peaceful person.

Andrea’s program gave me much more awareness that I do that, how I do it, and how to shift it.

Now, I’m more easy-going with people in general, having “walked a mile” in their shoes by experiencing the different types physically.

Now I have much more acceptance and compassion for myself and others.

— Joey Lindley

Working with Andrea was a HUGE relief. I had been on a roller coaster path.

I saw my Emotional Mastery Blueprint and said, “This is ME!” The results accurately reflected who I was and why I would flare up the way I used to.

Andrea guided me in brilliant and easy ways to stop it!

Talking with her clarified so many things, and most importantly, that I can remember HOW to be the most I WANT to be in any situation.

— Alexander

What You Get From Emotional Mastery with Andrea


Develop an easy, natural self-confidence that allows you to stand up and speak for yourself, with clarity and authority.

Learn to speak gently when your anger starts to roil so that what you have to say can be heard, received and appreciated.


You hold steady even in the midst of chaos.

Your calm allows you to see all points of view so you get along with all kinds of people.

Instead of “over-compromising,” you know that YOUR needs matter, too! and that YOU matter. Find your voice!


That’s what happens when you find harmony and alignment between your thoughts, your feelings and how you respond to life.

Be less critical and more accepting of yourself and others.


Living with a sense of reciprocity: you’re there to be of service to others, and build a supportive community, AND you learn that your needs matter, how to recognize what they are, how to make a request, and how to receive the help and support you’ve been longing for.


There is NO doubt that you deserve your dreams. You’ve got this.

Find what it takes to move towards your goals and dreams, one step at a time, never doubting that you’ll achieve what you put your mind to. And, balance your life with quality relationships


Be the leader who breaks the ice and talks about the elephant in the room — emotions!

It’ll free your creativity for out-of-the-box problem solving.


Narrow your focus, stay steady, and stick with it until you complete.

You can use your mind, figure things out and engage with the world.


Reinforce your inner authority and build self trust.

That strengthens your radar so you can more easily discern who else is trustworthy. Trust life.


Nurture your optimism, flow through challenges with ease, brainstorm new solutions.

There’s no limit your optimism and joy.

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