What If You Could Decipher Your Personality "Code" so that You Can Eliminate Your Biggest Self-Sabotaging Patterns and Have the Life of Your Dreams?

Is This You?...

  • Do challenging people and situations "push your buttons"?
  • Are you ready for the "next step" but things keep stopping you from moving forward?
  • Do you think that life is a struggle and change is hard?
  • Are you stuck in a rut, not moving forward and paralyzed with fear?
  • Are you distracted and unfocused, not able to accomplish the important things in life?

Life Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

Here's how you can start to make change right away....

9 Keys to Life Mastery: A Taste of Type

The Virtual Program

9 Keys to Life Mastery: A Taste of Type (TOT)The Virtual Program is a unique course based on neuroscience, mind/body wisdom, emotional intelligence and the Enneagram (“ennea” means nine in Greek). The Enneagram is a symbol with nine points, each one representing a personality type. Each type has a unique gift that comes easily to them, and a particular expression of their own dark shadow.

In this course, you will experience a taste of each type! You will be able to embody the best qualities of each type, and practice simple exercises that will create new neural pathways for you — like re-coding your personality.

You will be able to replace the old self-limiting patterns with
emotional intelligence, new physical cellular memory and ways of being.


After this program, you will be able to understand other people and yourself better. With these new tools and practices, you will be able to literally re-wire your brain for more flexibility and ability to overcome challenges in life.

The Keys That Will Change Your Life!

This virtual program will introduce you to embodying a greater range of emotion, essentially increasing your emotional intelligence. Your Blueprint will point you to areas that will be important to develop if you want “Self Mastery.” This takes it a step further, and will improve your relationships, your confidence, how you lead, how you motivate yourself and others, and more. You will learn “Power Poses” and “Power Phrases” that will help you shift your challenges so you can manifest the life of your dreams with more ease than you ever thought possible.

It’s useful, practical, EASY and…LIFE-CHANGING!

Imagine thinking, feeling and responding in a way that reflects your best and highest self, the best and highest for all involved for the best possible outcome. Imagine EASE even with conflict.

  • You'll be a more compassionate person.
  • A MORE resilient leader.
  • A happier and more fulfilled person.

9 Keys to Self-Mastery: A Taste of Type

5 Modules + 1 BONUS module 

with 6 Weekly Live Group Q & A Coaching Calls

  • Learn to let go of your self-limiting "story" - and believe in yourself and go for your dreams
  • Learn how to have inner peace, enjoy radiant stillness and know that "this moment" is perfect enough
  • Increase confidence, learn how to be more direct and take a stand to speak up for yourself (even with gentleness)
  • Improve and take time for your relationships, learn how to reach out and connect easily with others
  • Learn how to maintain your focus (instead of being distracted all the time)
  • Build trust with yourself and honor your own inner knowing
  • Learn how to be grounded in your body and step into the world

MODULE 1 – The Foundation

The Foundation:  The What, Why and How of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

– What is Emotional Intelligence, why do you want it, and how do you increase it?
– Neural pathways and the neuroscience of change
– Why and how mantras (power phrases) and mudras (power poses) support you in whatever change you want in your life
– Your comfort zone that wants to keep things — you and your life — just the way they are
– Why and how change can be easy
– Improve conflict and challenge
– Improve your relationships
– Be the “best” you that you can be
– Have more ease, peace and joy

Number 2

MODULE 2 – The Belly/Gut Center Types

POWER – Type 8, The Leader

Gifts:  Easy, natural grounded confidence, how to be more direct, and how to take a stand and speak up for yourself.

Next Steps:  How to speak your truth with a gentle heart.

PEACE – Type 9, The Peacemaker

Gifts:  How to have calm inner peace, no matter what.

Next Steps:  How to know, believe and embody that you matter, your opinions matter, and who you are matters.

PERFECTION – Type 1, The Perfectionist

Gifts:  How to align yourself with internal integrity

Next Steps:  To know that you are perfect enough, he or she is perfect enough, and “this moment” is perfect enough

Number 3

MODULE 3 – The Heart/Feeling Center Types


LOVE – Type 2, The Nurturer

Gifts:  How to reach out and connect more easily to others.

Next Steps:  How to ask for what you need, and how to receive .

DREAMS – Type 3, The Achiever

Gifts:  How to believe in yourself, that you deserve your dreams, and that it’s time to go for it!

Next Steps:  How to value and take time for relationships, without losing momentum on achieving your goal.

COMPASSION – Type 4, The Individualist

Gifts:  How to build a new comfort in going into your emotions.

Next Steps:  How to let go of your “story” that has limited you. .

MODULE 4 – The Head/Thinking Center Types


WISDOM – Type 5, The Observer

Gifts:  How to maintain your focus and stick with one idea.

Next Steps:  How to be in your body and step into the world.

TRUST – Type 6, The Loyalist

Gifts:  How to build trust.

Next Steps:  How to honor your own inner knowing.

JOY – Type 7, The Enthusiast

Gifts:  How to be more spontaneous, simply enjoy life, and be happy.

Next Steps:  How to be joyful and enjoy radiant stillness.

Number 5

MODULE 5 – A Deeper Dive with EnneaMotion

EnneaMotion uses movement to explore each Enneagram type in depth. We all have more or less of the gifts and challenges of all the Enneagram types. And we all need the gifts of them all. You will experience this through EnneaMotion for type Eight, and will learn:

– The Eight’s gifts: how to embody the Eight’s natural, easy, self-confidence, holding your ground, speaking up for yourself, being heard, expressing your opinions, and more
– What the Eight in all of us most needs: how to speak gently from your heart, especially when you’re angry or have been challenged
– How to control your emotions so they don’t control you; that you can be flexible with your emotional reactions
– How to increase your emotional comfort zone
– That change can be easy


Q &A and Hot Seat Coaching

Practice Tips and Applications

All of your questions will be answered, and we’ll do “hot seat” coaching. If you have questions or want coaching on something, be sure to write Andrea ahead of time so she can have your Blueprint available.

You’ll learn practice techniques to keep what you’ve learned alive, active and working for you on an ongoing basis.

You’ll deepen your knowledge of and ability to increase your emotional intelligence, strengthen your relationships, have ease even with challenging people and situations, and have more happiness on your life’s journey.


6 Weekly Live Group Q & A Coaching Calls






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9 Keys to Life Mastery: A Taste of Type



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14-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You can try the 9 Keys to Self Mastery: A Taste of Type risk free for a full 14 days. We’re happy to do this because we believe so strongly that there is no other course like this offering a way for you to re-wire your brain, to re-code your personality for true ease, joy and fulfillment in life!

Sign up today and if you’re not completely convinced that this program will help you live your life with more ease, resilience and joy, simply let us know during the first 14 days and we’ll refund your fee.



Andrea Isaacs has been working with CEOs, business leaders and their teams, empowering the lives of thousands of people in 25 countries since 1994. Her unique body wisdom system increases emotional intelligence (EQ) and helps leaders maintain their happiness, thriving relationships and peace of mind even in the midst of chaos. She guides them to inspire their teams, motivating them all to greater productivity.

Initially based on the Enneagram personality system, her holistic approach uses neuroscience training techniques to help leaders maximize their potential in their relationships, happiness and their greatest success.

She is also the creator of the EQ Quiz which indicates your greatest gifts, strengths and challenges in all areas of human potential. She guides you in what to do about those challenges so your goals and dreams can come true with an ease you never thought possible.

In 1994, she became a founding faculty member for the Enneagram Institute, teaching with Russ Hudson since then, and with Don Riso until his passing in 2012. Andrea is certified in both the Riso-Hudson and Palmer-Daniels traditions, was co-founding editor-publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and was on the International Enneagram Association Board of Directors for six years.

Her clients have included the Massachusetts State Government, the New York State Psychological Association, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Loyola University, Dana Farber Cancer Center, Wake Forest University, the Federal Reserve Bank, Riverdell Spiritual Retreat Centre, Groover Seminars, and the Highland City Club in Boulder, Colorado.

She lives in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, bikes almost daily and swims whenever possible. She’s been a trusted meditator since 1970, loves to make jewelry, cook, and have great conversations with good friends.

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