What If You Could Re-Wire Your Brain

to Overcome Any Obstacle and
Experience Joy and Fulfillment in Your Life?


  • Do you want to learn the ONE THING that could change everything in mastering your life?
  • Are you ready to discover easy-to-use tools to overcome any challenging situation?
  • Are you stuck in the same reactive, unhealthy responses when you are stressed?
  • Do you dream of moving forward in your life but get paralyzed with fear?
  • Do you have self-sabotaging patterns in your relationships, family or work?


The Emotional Intelligence Experience

2018 Dates: Stay Tuned!

Colorado Location TBD

3 Days That Will Change Your Life!

EQ-X LIVE:  The Emotional Intelligence Experience is a WILDLY FUN, MASTERY-ORIENTED, EXPERIENTIAL 3-day workshop tailored to elevate your life to new heights by exploring each of the Enneagram types in depth.

This is an unique workshop based on neuroscience, mind/body wisdom, emotional intelligence and the Enneagram ("ennea" means nine in Greek). The Enneagram is a symbol with nine points, each one representing a personality type. Each type has a unique gift that comes easily to them, and a particular expression of their own dark shadow.

In this workshop, you will literally "step into the shoes" of each type! You will learn experientially the best qualities and challenges of each type, expand your emotional range and increase your emotional intelligence.  You will practice simple exercises that will create new neural pathways for you -- like re-wiring your brain and re-coding your personality.

You will be able to replace the old self-limiting patterns with
emotional intelligence, new physical cellular memory and ways of being.

After this program, you will be able to understand other people and yourself better. With these new tools and practices, you will be able to literally re-wire your brain for more flexibility and ability to overcome challenges in life.

It's useful, practical, easy and life-changing.

You'll be a more compassionate person. A more resilient leader.
A happier and more fulf
illed person.

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  • Learn to let go of your self-limiting “story” -- learn how to believe in yourself and go for your dreams
  • Learn how to have inner peace, enjoy radiant stillness and know that “this moment” is perfect enough
  • Increase confidence, learn how to be more direct and take a stand to speak up for yourself (even with gentleness)
  • Improve and take time for your relationships, learn how to reach out and connect easily with others
  • Learn how to ask for what you need and learn how to receive with grace
  • Learn how to maintain your focus (instead of being distracted all the time)
  • Build trust with yourself and honor your own inner knowing
  • Learn how to be grounded in your body and step into the world

"Andrea's work is superlative in the world of transformational and healing modalities. It is one of those rare methods built upon the cutting edge of medical and biological research, conceptualized by the mind of an innovator and the heart of a healer. She has devised a practice which is so universal and artful that it is a natural and irresistible mental, emotional and physical gesture which establishes a link to the healthiest and happiest dynamic. Andrea's technique, once taught, will echo through your life span! It is presented (preserved?) by the joy in personal art. Thank you so very much."

Heather Carlile - Counselor

"Before studying with Andrea, my teaching style was more contained. I learned from her that I can infuse my teaching with more energy, body language and story telling for greater impact.

Her work made me much more comfortable expressing myself using energy, movement and my body as part of my language. It's amazing to notice how much impact it has on people and how much it lifts the energy in the room. Since then, I've been more expressive and more energized in my teaching."

Malcolm Lazenby - Co-founder, Global Leadership Foundation


The Emotional Intelligence Experience



Arrive at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado for check-in and registration.  Enjoy the quiet atmosphere and take time to settle in comfortably for a fun-filled, transformative weekend!

We will eat deliciously prepared meals together as we get to know one another!

We will have an evening session with introductions and light movement.



The Foundation:  Key Concepts of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
- Discussion of definitions and meaning of key concepts including:
- Enneagram, Enneamotion, Neural Pathways, Somatic Focusing, Comfort Zone, Emotional Intelligence, Power Poses and Movement Tools

- Belly Center Meditation and Chi Kung breathing

EnneaMotion for Type 8:  The Leader (POWER)
Embodying the Gifts:  How to stand in your power, the "right use of power," speaking up for yourself, holding your ground, being direct, listening to and honoring/trusting your "gut knowing"
Embodying What Is Most Needed:  How to speak gently from your heart, surrendering, trusting vulnerability, and allowing

EnneaMotion for Type 9:  The Peacemaker (PEACE)
Embodying the Gifts: How to have calm inner peace - no matter what, ease in the face of conflict (especially with challenging people and situation), getting along with others
Embodying What Is Most Needed: How to speak up for yourself, how to believe that what YOU want and need IS important, and that YOU matter and your opinion matters

EnneaMotion for Type 1:  The Perfectionist (PERFECTION)
Embodying the Gifts: How to have graceful precision and integrity
Embodying What Is Most Needed: How to relax your inner critic (knowing that you are perfect enough), not criticizing others as much and improving how to give feedback that is more inspiring and to have more fulfilling relationships.


- Heart Center Meditation and Chi Kung breathing

EnneaMotion for Type 2:  The Nurturer (LOVE)
Embodying the Gifts:  How to reach out and connect more easily with others
Embodying What Is Most Needed:  How to realize that you're not here to do life alone, to be vulnerable and asking for what YOU need, to believe that you DESERVE help and support, to receive love, help and support

EnneaMotion for Type 3:  The Achiever (DREAMS)
Embodying the Gifts: How to believe in yourself, take inspired action to go for your dreams, knowing the steps, sequence and timing of what it will take, how to have physical vitality and get things done!
Embodying What Is Most Needed: How to relax your inner critical and to value and take time for deep heart contact

EnneaMotion for Type 4:  The Individualist (EMOTIONAL MASTERY)
Embodying the Gifts: How to have emotional breadth and depth, to feel compassion, empathy and understanding of others, being a fountain of creativity, and to see your life as a work of art
Embodying What Is Most Needed: How to be FREE of your story, and to know that you DESERVE your dreams

"Andrea's approach to emotional intelligence is truly amazing, wonderfully simple, and really works -- boy does it ever! In her coaching, I found what I didn't know I was looking for, or where to look.

I remember having lived a pretty joyful life, all in all above average at least, but I don't remember this kind of happiness that I've had since working with her. I feel authentic and centered when I'm this happy. That's new!"

Kenneth Winden - Architect, Air Force Reserve Officer and Pilot


- Head Center Meditation and Chi Kung breathing

EnneaMotion for Type 5:  The Observer (WISDOM)
Embodying the Gifts:  How to have profound focus and concentration on an idea
Embodying What Is Most Needed:  How to remember that you have a body and learning to take care of it, BEING in the world and being seen

EnneaMotion for Type 6:  The Loyalist (TRUST)
Embodying the Gifts: How to attract and build strong relationships and strong teams, and to embody trust
Embodying What Is Most Needed: How to trust YOURSELF, to trust solid that and that YOU are solid ground

EnneaMotion for Type 7:  The Enthusiast (JOY)
Embodying the Gifts: How to have abundant ideas, to brainstorm, to have positive re-framing, and easy JOY
Embodying What Is Most Needed: How to STOP, and to have joyful, radiant stillness


3 Centers Meditation
Integrating, harmonizing and aligning all 3 centers (belly, heart, and head)
- Attain greater wholeness and inner peace
- Gain alignment with your best and highest self
- Creates PRESENCE

Review of all Mantras and Power Poses - Your Personal Chant

How To Practice and Strengthen Your Neural Pathways

Closing Ritual

"Andrea's work has helped me extensively in my executive coaching and my private counseling practice. As a result of her training I am able to "step into" the various types in a way that I had not been able to before. It seems that over time I was able to more closely "feel" what they might be feeling in my own body. This added level of insight has made a big difference. I am able to understand others more deeply and more quickly.

One of the lessons in her training had us go to the highest level of functioning for each type and peg the memory in our body and in our movements. I was able to get in touch with the courage of the Six. I never really understood it from an intellectual perspective. In that moment I was able to truly feel courage. It is not courage because you think things will be fine....it is courage in the face of fear. That experience has helped me stay engaged in my work and be a support to others.

Shortly after 9/11, I was called in by one of my corporate client companies to train their managers and employees in handling the stress while supporting their clients. By tapping into that Six energy, I was able to help people see the importance of their role in the face of tragedy. They were able to see that they were the right people for this task and able to support their clients with confidence. It was an amazing experience for me. "

Loretta Symons - WorkSmart


A powerful, easy-to-use, quick, and lasting emotional transformation process.  We use this process on an "as-needed" basis, whenever buttons are pushed, real-life challenges arise, or someone is stuck.

You will learn what a "Whammy" is in each area of the Enneagram.  You will be able to recognize if you have any "Whammies" and what to do about it.  

 This is very powerful customized coaching from Andrea for you personally.  If you could change JUST ONE THING that could change your whole blueprint, what would it be?  

You will learn how lowering a challenge in one area will increase a strength in another area and how increasing a strength in one area will lower a challenge in another.

You will learn how all the score in your blueprint impact the other scores.


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"Andrea's work is brilliant. She tailored simple physical movement exercises to give everyone the kinesthetic sense of what it feels like to walk in the shoes of each of the types at the various levels of health. It became a great tool for dis-identification from the average and lower level identifications and ego reactions and a tool for recognizing the higher aspects, behaviors and motivations when I experience them. Plus, it's tremendous fun and great for building a sense of community.

For the first time, I have come to acceptance and peaceful appreciation of the tendencies of my own type, and also great joy at realizing the glorious higher aspects that have been there behind the veils all along. I enthusiastically, heartily, adamantly recommend this training for anyone who wants to know -- feel, sense, taste, experience, be -- who they truly are."

Marilyn J. Sherbring - J.D.


"Andrea's live event was exceptional -- beyond my expectations. She is delightful, grounded, knowledgeable, kind, safe and playful. The work is extremely helpful, insightful and practical. The work built on itself with an introductory framework that made it all make sense. I left with tools that are easily and wonderfully applicable. Her work makes me more aware of my three centers -- in fact, I've never been so aware. Thank you."

Curt Micka - Director of Conflict Management Services

Are You Ready To Take Your Life To the Next Level?

"If you are looking for an out-of-the box way to make transformation, then Andrea's program is what you need. Andrea combines movement with neuroscience and muscle memory to create an opportunity for discovering how you behave when you're at your best and when you're stressed out.

Her compassionate presence not only works with everyone as a group, she takes the time to work with people individually as they are going through the process giving them the gift of being able to move beyond their fears and obstacles. Andrea welcomed me to be who I am. Because of that, I learned that if I don't step into and be with my fears of what I can do, while holding all that I am meant to be, I will not fulfill my mission in life.

Her process gave me a deep knowing that I am valued and loved, and don't have to be anyone else, just me, and that is beautiful, creative and priceless just in itself. Thank you, Andrea, for being there for me to arrive at being myself."

Mellissa Rempfer


EQ-X Live will be held at the beautiful Sunrise Ranch Retreat and Conference Center  in Loveland, Colorado.

After you register for the workshop, you will want to choose the type of accommodations that you would like by clicking here.  You will also be able to choose the type of meals that you prefer (and these are delicious!).  Choose your lodging options as soon as possible to secure your preferences.

For more information about food and lodging, contact Guest Services at Sunrise Ranch (970) 679-4200 or click here.


EQ-X LIVE  2018  --  $497


(Payment Plan Also Available)

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"Before doing Andrea's program, as an introvert, I would never have been able to handle an uninterrupted five-hour conversation concerning heavy emotional issues that my son was having and not come away utterly spent energetically and feeling put upon by all the felt demands of such a marathon. Instead, I stayed focused, engaged, resourceful and resilient; in short, a better version of myself with little or no drop in energy. This was unheard of before doing Andrea's work."

Barry Neish


Andrea Isaacs has been working with CEOs, business leaders and their teams, empowering the lives of thousands of people in 25 countries since 1994. Her unique body wisdom system increases emotional intelligence (EQ) and helps leaders maintain their happiness, thriving relationships and peace of mind even in the midst of chaos. She guides them to inspire their teams, motivating them all to greater productivity.

Initially based on the Enneagram personality system, her holistic approach uses neuroscience training techniques to help leaders maximize their potential in their relationships, happiness and their greatest success.

She is also the creator of the EQ Quiz which indicates your greatest gifts, strengths and challenges in all areas of human potential. She guides you in what to do about those challenges so your goals and dreams can come true with an ease you never thought possible.

In 1994, she became a founding faculty member for the Enneagram Institute, teaching with Russ Hudson since then, and with Don Riso until his passing in 2012. Andrea is certified in both the Riso-Hudson and Palmer-Daniels traditions, was co-founding editor-publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and was on the International Enneagram Association Board of Directors for six years.

Her clients have included the Massachusetts State Government, the New York State Psychological Association, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Loyola University, Dana Farber Cancer Center, Wake Forest University, the Federal Reserve Bank, Riverdell Spiritual Retreat Centre, Groover Seminars, and the Highland City Club in Boulder, Colorado.

She lives in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, bikes almost daily and swims whenever possible. She's been a trusted meditator since 1970, loves to make jewelry, cook, and have great conversations with good friends.